Hi everyone. Happy August and happy day and happy life! I’m starting this podcast for a number of reasons:

I’ll keep things short and sweet: this is a show about the human experience and its rollercoaster ride of emotions, as related to unrequited love, complicated family relationships, long-term and short-term life goals, and even the temperature of the water you wash your face with.

As for why I’ve named this show “Having Tea with kLee” :

  • I’m Kristen Lee, hence, “kLee.”
  • Spilling the tea = spilling the beans. I’m aiming for the most honest and genuine conversations that I hope you can all relate to.
  • Every single time I get on the phone with my grandmother, the conversation starts with me asking, “Are you healthy? Are you doing well?” And she, without fail, will answer, “I’m fine. But Kristen – is there any boy you’re interested in?” I’ll sometimes answer no, but when I do answer yes, she’ll ask, “Has he initiated anything? Have you had tea yet?” First of all, for better or for worse, it seems she is healthy enough that her well-being can take a seat behind my lack of love life. And also for better or for worse, much of my love life, or lack thereof, is strongly associated with this concept of “having tea,” which I hope to explore while speaking with friends and strangers in the course of this podcast.